Frequently asked questions

Do I need to schedule an appointment to have any custom made products?

We do recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our skilled makeup and blending artist to achieve your perfect product. Appointments can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. We love what we do and want to make sure you love it too!

Does CaraMia offer any discounts?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest sales and updates. We also recommend you sign up for our e-mail newsletter for exclusive deals that can save you money!

I have never had a facial service, but I have a few skin concerns I want treated and informed about. What is the best facial to choose off of your service list?

We recommend the Ultimate Custom Facial for your first time spa experience with us. We start of with a consultation and treatment plan, while each product is chosen by our knowledgable estheticians to give nothing but results and relaxation.

Always having sensitive, over reactive skin, I have struggled to find any products that work for me. How are your products different from the ones on the market today?

Many of our clients come to us for that specific reason. Our custom blended makeup is free of talc, mineral oil, fragrance, parabens, and fillers such as bismuth oxychloride (an inorganic compound). All of our custom lipstick and lipgloss formulas are made with all natural, pure plant waxes and botanicals which are lead free, paraben free, and Vegan. We are always here to help you get control of your skin and feel confident about the product that you utilize every day. We take pride in our knowledge of this industry, and would love to schedule you a free consultation!